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Pediatric Dentistry

We look forward to seeing you with your child when the first tooth is appearing. With a lot of empathy, time and a child-friendly atmosphere, we want to make a visit to the dentist a positive experience for our youngest patients. For daily dental care at home, we would be happy to advise you with detailed information and a few tips and tricks.

Worth knowing for parents: regular care of the teeth is of great importance from the very first tooth since these teeth are the basis for the healthy development of the permanent teeth and are also heavily involved in the speech and chewing development of your child. Misaligned teeth can also be detected and treated from the very beginning.

We would therefore like to support your child professionally in keeping their teeth healthy. We offer you, among other things, the following treatments:

  • individual prophylaxis
  • professional tooth cleaning
  • fluoridations (if recommended)
  • fissure sealants
  • children’s crowns or placeholders
  • nutritional advice
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