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Laser Dentistry

What is a laser?

Amplification by
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A laser generates coherent light of a specific wavelength that produces a precisely defined effect when it hits a specific substance.

Areas of application:

  • Major interventions: Laser interventions on the gums can be carried out very gently with low or less pain, and often no anesthetic is required at all. The area to be treated remains completely sterile thanks to the special way the laser works. Bleeding and secondary bleeding can be almost completely avoided. The laser supports and accelerates wound healing enormously. The wounds usually heal completely without scars. Bone treatments can also be carried out very gently, the bone healing and regeneration runs extremely efficiently and quickly with significantly less pain thanks to the various laser effects. The use of antibiotics with their undesirable side effects can usually be omitted.
  • Wurzelkanalbehandlungen: Werden die Wurzelkanäle vor einer Wurzelfüllung mit dem Laser sterilisiert, kann eine in den folgenden Jahren oftmals auftretende Wurzelspitzenentzündung mit sehr hoher Wahrscheinlichkeit von vornherein vermieden werden.
  • Cold sores: Cold sores are very uncomfortable and infectious (burning, itching, stinging and/or pulling at the affected area). In the case of a cold sore that is recognized at an early stage and treated immediately with laser, the blooming of the cold sore can very often be prevented with a single laser treatment. An existing herpes is no longer infectious with one single treatment and the healing will be much faster.
  • Caries removal: Due to the specific laser effects, caries removal by the dentist can be carried out almost painlessly. According to our many years of experience, most patients state that they feel nothing or almost nothing.
  • Periodontitis treatments:

    Cutting and often painful measures can be omitted with gentle treatment using a laser. The cause of the periodontal disease – bacteria that have penetrated the gap between tooth and gum – are almost completely eliminated. There is usually no need for antibiotics after the treatment.

  • Pain therapy: The laser can be used to carry out an extremely effective treatment (low-level laser therapy, LLLT) to alleviate or eliminate pain. The self-healing powers of the body are immensely stimulated. This treatment is also completely painless.

  • Power bleaching: This is an effective method to whiten teeth. With the use of laser the applicated bleaching gel is activated. It shortens the exposure time of the gel and achieves an excellent whitening result.
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