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Invisible splint therapy for misaligned teeth

Beautiful, straight teeth are very much in vogue, because a beautiful smile contributes significantly to a person’s attractiveness. A gentle splint therapy enables aesthetic corrections in the visible front and premolar tooth area within a few weeks. 

While ordinary braces are always visible and cause significant discomfort for the patient, the Splint is almost invisible and does not interfere with speaking. The splints act on your teeth in small steps. 

After we have an exact picture of the current situation and your wishes, we create a treatment plan, which also includes the production of a so-called target model. This target model clearly shows you what your teeth will look like after the treatment has been successfully completed. 

The treatment takes place in several phases, in each of which you will receive a new splint adapted to the current situation. The teeth are pushed step by step into the desired, straight position.

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