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Dentures in just one day (CEREC®-3D)

Now we would like to provide you with some answers for your questions about CEREC®


The innovative CEREC® treatment is used in the producing of metal-free ceramic crowns, inlays or bridges.

The dentures can in general be made directly in our dental clinic using the newest technology. This is made possible by a complete data acquisition and processing system combined with a high-tech ceramic milling machine. This has the great advantage that the work can be finished within a very short time, so that you can often go home with your “new teeth” on the same day.

Instead of a dental impression, a digital model is created with a special 3D scanner and further processed on the computer. Patients with a tendency to retching will particularly appreciate this procedure since no conventional impression is necessary. Based on this preparatory work, the crown is being processed from a ceramic block using a milling unit available in our practice. The industrially manufactured ceramic blocks enable perfect and almost invisible tooth restoration thanks to the color and transparency gradient.

The advantages of a CEREC® restoration:

  • digital impression without retching
  • short time of treatment
  • durable ceramics
  • metal and allergy free
  • natural tooth color
  • lower error rate due to optimized manufacturing processes
  • only one session needed
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